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Thank you for joining me!  I love to share my naughty thoughts with you!  I enjoy being your dirty talking milf and making your cock hard.  Just thinking of your rock hard cock and your cum turns me on.   I love losing myself in my passion and sharing that connection with you.  

I have over 35 movies on the site and  all my best pics!  We also sell clips via clips4sale.com/66443 but being here on the site is such a better deal.  You get over 30 movies for $19.99/mo! Smart $$!  We here at Flex-Rx Studio produce our own pics & videos. We also take custom film orders and you will see many of those films here.  I love to act & role-play.  Let me know if there is a fantasy you would like to see me make!   We ventured into the BBC & TABOO genre's this past year and you can find them here! 


I draw inspiration from your deepest fantasies. I want to feel your passion & eroticism within me, making my cunt swell with hunger for you. Please, drop me a note or say hi on Twitter @mandyvixenxxx.

Love & Kisses,





XOXO Mandy


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New Movie on the Site!

Posted: March, 14, 2016

Hello My Sexy Friends!

Phew, crazy last few weeks here at the studio!  I hope you will enjoy this latest flick!  I play a pornstar who seeks therapy for fucking young forbidden cock!  I tell my therapist all about it and we cut to a great forbidden young cock suck & fuck scene!  We then cut back to my therapist who now has a raging boner  and I am more than happy to pay his fee with my mouth!  Always the slut! Co-starring Kurt Steele & Johnny Flex as the therapist. 

I have also recently added "Black Cock Makes Me Squirt" the previous week.  Awesome flick and great co-star BBC William Mills!  Super Hot!

Just wrapped a shoot with JD Coxxx @jd_coxxx  We are headed to the editing board and I can't wait to bring it to you.  We even have a great scene including my camera man Johnny Flex getting in on the action, I had a blast playing with two cocks!  Look for it soon.

Enjoy St, Patricks Day (safely!!!) and may the luck of the Irish always smile upon you. 

Much Love! XOXO Mandy

41238-New Movie on the Site!-Amanda Verhooks

Happy Valentines Weekend!

Posted: February, 13, 2016

Happy Valentines Weekend!

I am not one of those girls who expects everything for Valentines, little shows of love go a long way with me.  Just having you on my site makes my day!  But I will never turn down a little bit of dark or white chocolate! lol

I have a new flick coming out:  "Cum Fix My Laptop".  I seduce the BBC computer geek who shows up to fix my frozen laptop.  I just finished the final edit and it will be on the site soon!

While we did not get as many new films made in January as I would have liked, we are picking up steam and getting ready to go on a shooting marathon,  But what we did accomplish here at the studio is lots of hot new pics! I credit my fitness lifestyle for being able to create hot bikini and nude pics at the age of 51!  I hope you agree!  

I will be thinking of all my good friends and fans this Valentines,  Much Love, Hugs & Kisses, Mandy

38984-Happy Valentines Weekend!-Amanda Verhooks

Hot Pink & Black to Keep You Warm!

Posted: January, 27, 2016

Hello From Sunny Florida USA!

For all my friends in northern climates I send my warmest wishes.  So happy and feeling sexy to share hot pics to get things heated up!   When I pose for pics, I always imagine your in the room with me, the camera your eyes.  I talk to the camera and make it my lover.  "Do you want me?  Come and get your passionate whore you sexy fucker, I want you NOW".  My pussy just got wet writing that, hmmm just the thought of posing for you, working my pussy towards a climax til it runs with pussy juice, "Lick it baby, don't miss a drop, good boy"

So pleased to bring you my latest photo set.  You may have seen a few of these on Twitter but I saved the best pussy pics for my members.  Again, thank you for being part of my world!

Cheers to all my friends around the world! Mandy loves you! XOXO Mandy

37754-Hot Pink & Black to Keep You Warm!-Amanda Verhooks
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